• 2300% more iron than spinach
  • 3900% more beta carotene than carrots
  • 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • 375% more protein than tofu
  • 31 times more potent in phytonutrient levels than blueberries
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There are several good reasons to make us your one stop spot to select and buy the best spirulina for you:

  • Spirulina only! In our site you will find only Spirulina products. Nothing else! We strongly believe that Spirulina is one of the best superfoods and we specialize only in this.
  • All the Spirulina products and offers available in one spot. We currently have more than 200+ different Spirulina products and offers.
  • All forms. You can find Spirulina in all available forms: Powder, Tablets, Capsules or as an add on.
  • All e-shops in our site. We don't represent one specific manufacturer, we use Amazons Shops in a Shop function and you can select between more than 30+ different manufacturers/labels.
  • SPECIAL TOOLS ONLY IN OUR SITE. Only in us, with our special select tools, you can Select, Compare and Sort between all available Spirulina products for the following special features:
    1. Form
    2. Number of tabs/caps in the package
    3. Organic or No
    4. With Certifications or No
    5. Company 
    6. Made in
    7. %Protein in the product
    8. Product weight
    9. Price per 1 gr of product
    10. Price per 1 gr of protein
    11. Lowest price between all products
    12. Savings % and Savings $ if you buy today in the lowest price
    13. Average Rating and Number of Reviews per product from Amazon Store
  • Always updated prices and features. All the prices are updated everyday! We use Amazon's special API and keep all the products constantly updated.
  • Register and get our catalogue in PDF. If your register to our newsletter you can have the full (everyday updated) catalog of all our products in your inbox.
  • Register and get the best Spirulina prices whenever you want. If you register to our newsletter you can have the best prices, the top of the tops products in your mailbox when you want them. If you are a regular Spirulina user this will help you find the best offer ever.
  • Top of the tops. We have a dedicated, constantly updated, page with only the top of the tops products (lowest price product,  higher %protein product , best price per 1 gr etc). You can find the best currently offer in seconds.
  • Special analysis per product. We give you a special per product page with all the available information in the market so you can decide wisely.
  • More to come! We are currently building some special features like Price history, Price alerts per product, Compare one on one etc which we will launch soon. We believe that with the addition of those special features we will be the best place ever to select your spirulina.

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