• 2300% more iron than spinach
  • 3900% more beta carotene than carrots
  • 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • 375% more protein than tofu
  • 31 times more potent in phytonutrient levels than blueberries
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Spirulina Features Explained, step by step.

Basic features for Spirulina products.

If you are really interested to find the best Spirulina available, you will find the Spirulina features we are using extremely useful. In the list below we describe all the features we use in our product pages, we analyse why we use them, why they are important and how you can use them to make the best choice for your needs. We really hope you appreciate them!

You will find the following fields/features in every product we analyze. You can go direct to the product catalogue to work with them anytime but it is better to first understand why we use them to our analysis.

Form: There are 3 main forms of Spirulina. Powder, Tablets and Capsules.

Spirulina Powder is the most common form in the market and it has the best and the faster absorption rates. Also the price rate is one of the bests from all the available forms. Another advantage is that Spirulina Powder is less processed than other forms because it is the basic and the first producing form from Spirulina cultures. Also, as any powder, it is the easiest form to use it in food preparation (salads, drinks, cookies etc).

Spirulina Tablets and Spirulina Capsules are the other two common forms which are better if you can't habituate the taste of the powder form. If you want to use Spirulina as a dietary supplement those forms are better. If you want to use Spirulina as a normal food in your kitchen and in bigger quantities then powder is recommended.

Num of tabs/caps: The number of tablets or capsules in the package, in the case of tablets or capsules form.


Made in: Where Spirulina used in the package is produced.

The origin of Spirulina is an important decision factor because it affects the quality and the features of the product produced. In previous years there were several complaints that Spirulina from specific origins (like China) was contaminated with heavy metals. Because there are a lot of money related issues with all these rumors and some times they luck of evidence, we want to help you clear your options.

First of all, if you use products with some certifications you are probably ok with any selection you will make according the origin, because that's the reason certifications exists. If your product doesn't have any certification then probably it is a good option to select a product from a specific origin. The option Multi Origin refers to those products which clearly clarify where their Spirulina comes from but they change the origin from time to time.

The most risky option are products which don't clarify the origin of the Spirulina they use and also they don't have any certifications to balance this risk. In those cases you have to trust the 'label' and the history of it.


Producer: The name of the company which is producing the product. We also provide you with a direct link to go and see the producer's site with all the products they work with.


Organic: One major certification for all Spirulina products is the 'Organic' one, if the product is cultured according the organic protocol rules. We have to mention that specific about Spirulina there is a big debate about what this organic culture protocol must include or not. This debate exists because Spirulina is an aqua product and several cultures are growing natural in some lakes. Although Spirulina is growing naturally (without any pesticides or other help) if the lake is contaminated with heavy metals, Spirulina produced will be contaminated, too. We try to further analyze this debate in some of our articles.


Organic according the rules of: If the product is characterized as Organic we clarify the protocol used because there are 2-3 different protocols.

Certifications: Certifications, in the case of dietary products like Spirulina, are confirmations of certain important characteristics from independent institutes and organizations. Although this is not always the case, sometimes the manufacturer/seller promises features for the product they sale which does not exist, to make the product better 'looking' for the public. The certifications are trying to resolve this difficult problem. In that field we present the certifications each product has and we further analyze what each certification means in other articles.

Manufacturer link: We provide you with a direct link to go and see the product analysis in the producer's site.


Product weight: The actual product weight in grams and in pounds.

Weight per tablet/capsule: If the form of the product is tablets or capsules we give here the weight per tablet or capsule. Although most of the tabs/capsules have a common weight of 500 mg there are some products with different weights. Also in the case of capsules please note that there is a gelatine capture, which contains the powder of the capsule, so the total weight is bigger than the actual Spirulina product weight.


Nutrition facts: This is another important decision making feature. The most reliable sellers give full chemical analysis of the product they sell. The analysis is specific to their product and not some general Spirulina analysis so you have a detailed analysis of the nutrition facts for the product you are buying. The analysis gives you detailed information of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you get by using this product.

% Protein on the product: Protein is the main component of Spirulina and it is one of the main reason people buy it. Protein of Spirulina is extremely high quality and it is one of the best protein sources if you are a vegetarian/vegan or if you need high quantities and high quality protein such in the case of athletes. You can use this factor to truly compare some products. If you compare only according the price or the weight you can get a fault result because the main point is how pure is your product in Spirulina extract.

Total gr of protein inside: If you want to compare the package with other protein products we give you the total grams of protein in the package. Very useful if you are concerned for your daily protein intake.

gr of protein per tablet/capsule: In the case of tablets or capsules protein grams aren't too much but you may want to know the actual values.


Please note that some manufacturers don't give some or all of the above data for their products. Although we don't want to blame them for that we totally recommend to use a product with some or all the above data available. If you are really concerned to get the best Spirulina available the above data must be clarified for the product you are interested.


List price: The given list price from the manufacturer.

Amazon price: The price from the Amazon e-store. The price that Amazon sells.

Lowest price: The lowest price for this product either from Amazon or other e-shop inside Amazon. Most of the times there are special discounts and offers so the “buy now” price differs a lot from the actual listing price.


Price per 1 gr of product: The cost of 1gr of product. This factor is very good to make price comparisons between products of different weights. If products have different weights you can't easily calculate if there is a significant price difference between products. That's were this factor can help.

Price per 1 gr of protein: Relative with the above, because the main nutrient of Spirulina is protein, you can use this factor to compare 2 or more products more accurately. Some products have extra powders in their mixture so they are not as clear as others. If you compare the price per 1gr of protein you are comparing the products at exactly the same base, which in our case is the protein of Spirulina.


Savings $: The price difference in dollars between the list price and the lowest price available. If you are searching for best offers this factor can help you.

Savings %: Same as above but in percentage.


Reviews: The number of reviews and the ratings for the specific product from the Amazon review system. If you want you can also read all the available comments. Because we want to be fair to all the manufacturers we have to mention that commenting is an important decision factor but you cannot be sure that all the comments are objectively. Sometimes there are specific user cases that don't much your situation. Sometimes the negative or positive comments are result of other motives. The commenting system can give you a fair 'image' of the product but you cannot always be sure that this image is extremely accurate for you case.


Although you can research yourself and find all the above fields for each product you are interested in, only in our site you have special tools and all the features available to select, compare and sort all the Spirulina products with an extremely easy way.  

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