• 2300% more iron than spinach
  • 3900% more beta carotene than carrots
  • 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • 375% more protein than tofu
  • 31 times more potent in phytonutrient levels than blueberries
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BulkSupplements, Pure Spirulina Powder (250 grams)

Product Images
General Information
Form: Powder
Num of tabs/caps: -
Made in: Not provided
Organic: Yes
Organic according the rules of:
Not provided
No certifications provided
The Numbers
Product weight: 250.00 gr / 0.55 lbs
Weight per tablet/capsule: -
Nutrition Facts:
List price: $14.96
Amazon price: $14.96
Lowest price: $14.96
% Protein on the product: 63.3%
Total gr of protein inside: 158.25 gr
gr of protein per tablet/capsule: -
Price per 1 gr of product: $0.06 per 1 gr
Price per 1 gr of protein: $0.09 per 1 gr
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Product Description
Spirulina plantensis is an edible food supplement version of a microscopic algae organism with a blue-green hue. Each organism is made up of a single cell, and can be found in a variety of different watery environments including marine, tropical, and salt pan regions. This plant is considered one of the earliest forms of life and goes back many millions of years. It can be consumed as a food, or as a food supplement. Humans have been using it for centuries because it has a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients present in it and can help people sustain their lives and general well being on a budget. Even though it is difficult to farm, because of its popularity it is making way for a new type of farming dedicated purely towards microorganisms since this alone is such a useful food source. Due to the environment that this algae is usually found in, it is able to absorb both the rich amino acids and all of the vitamins present in the water, compacting them all in the form of a single celled organism which can then be consumed to reap those benefits of those vitamins later by putting them directly into the body. As a bonus, spirulina acts as a great source of vitamin B12, essential fatty acids, beta carotene, and chlorophyll. Some of these elements are only present in high amounts in the diets of meat eaters and other nutrients like beta-carotene and chlorophyll are useful in that they help the body get rid of toxins and act as antioxidants which further promote a healthy immune system by getting rid of free radicals. Also, even though carrots are generally credited with being one of the richest sources of beta-carotene, as it turns out, the amount in spirulina is ten times that which is in carrots.
Our Notes

This is a Spirulina Powder product with excellent reviews.
This is a multi option product. You can select between packages of 250gr, 500gr, 1kgr.
Although the label is clarifying that the product is Organic there is no specification from which organization is the certification or from where this Spirulina is manufactured.
You can read more information about this product in the manufacturer site.

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